Friday, October 13, 2006

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I think it’s high time I break the three-month silence, and what better reason than to bitch about the idiocy of McClaren’s England.

Last Saturday, I witnessed as the world’s top individual football greats tremble against Macedonia. Three of the globe’s best midfielders were struggling for their right to shine in their area of expertise, and as the world knows, three’s company—Carrick was found wanting, Gerrard reduced to less-than-ordinary, and Lampard… well, I’ve never thought much of the no-skills-can-only-capitalise-from-a-deflection player, anyways.

Next up: a trip to Croatia. They with a vicious team who (1) have never lost on home soil, (2) have fans who will cheer them on and jeer their foes to the end, and most importantly, (3) were psyched up after seeing England struggle with Macedonia.

Of course, England failed. So easily, at that. Shapeless and in a shambles. I laughed my heart out while the so-called “world’s greats” fumbled and stumbled.

I could almost see the headlines of tomorrow. “Bring Becks Back!” it will shout. By those who wanted him out in the first place, no less. I mean, for serious, putting aside my undying love for the former captain, no one can deny that with Beckham back in the team, a whole world of difference it would make.

Why McClaren has omitted the ex-skipper is beyond me, really. There’s no great reason nor benefit for leaving him off the list. Heck, other than Lennon, Becks was the only one who performed at Germany’06, for crying out loud! Oh, wait. Here’s one: Stevie is an egotistical fool who refuse to have any association whatsoever with his predecessor’s favourite so he won't be caught dead following the latter's footsteps.

Fool, I still say, because as bad as Sven was, it took him a healthy four YEARS before his first defeat. As opposed to Stevie’s lame five MATCHES.

With that, allow me to throw this to you: if McClaren wasn’t English, and he’s displayed on a shelf side-by-side with Eriksson, would the powers that be even look at the former?

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