Wednesday, February 03, 2010

my race against time

And so I have arrived here, in a land I never thought I would ever call home. But that's exactly what Singapore is to me right now, and gotta admit it's been somewhat kind in my quest of finding greener pastures.

Now, allow me to keep you up to speed. I have joined the world of entrepreneurs, my business being juices and healthy food. Opening an eatery has always been one of my dreams, and so naturally I am very thankful for this opportunity which basically fell on my lap out of the blue.

Anyway, spent the first half of this week running around like mad trying to settle my settling-in issues as quickly as I possibly can. I'm rushing because I only have till CNY to handle all things start-up as my deadline for the start of operations is the 16th of February. Wow, I can feel my heart beating faster at the mere thought of it...!

So, let's see what I've done so far. Monday was all about them dollar dollar bills. Found out the hard way that even though there is a Maybank Singapore, it is in no way linked to Maybank Malaysia. This means that all the monies that I have in my account with the latter can't be transferred across the border. Sigh.

Moving along, yesterday was all about my Employment Pass. Part of the requirement is a medical check-up which included drawing my blood out. Plus, since I will be handling food, I had to also take a typhoid jab. Needles times two, boo! Thank gosh for the food-tasting I had with a possible supplier later. Absolutely delicious stuff she had for me. Mmm.

And today, I got my chiller showcase, fridge, industrial blenders and juicer delivered. These were carefully selected based on a painstaking research process and thought-provoking budget considerations. Let me tell you that they are far from cheap... especially if I start converting into RM! Cannot, cannot. That will just drive me insane, innit.

Pretty excited to try out all the juice and smoothie recipes, though. But they've gotta wait as tomorrow is gonna be a looooooooooooooong day at the F&B basic hygiene course that's a must for all who want to get into this line.

With that in mind, I better go freshen up and hit the sack. Talk again soon.

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