Tuesday, February 14, 2012

top 10 marathons worth traveling for

So, Forbes has very recently released 2012's top 10 destinations for Marathons. The list boasts 7 countries spanning across 4 continents...

The Big Five Marathon in Limpopo Province, South Africa

The Great Wall Marathon in Tianjin, China

Virgin London Marathon in London, England (World Marathon Major)
Paris Marathon in Paris, France
Mont St.-Michel Bay Marathon in Mont St.-Michel, France
Athens Classic Marathon in Athens, Greece

Vancouver Marathon in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Napa Valley Marathon in Calistoga, California, USA
Big Sur International Marathon in Big Sur, California, USA
Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts, USA (World Marathon Major)

I am especially excited about the inclusion of my favorite Canadian city into this list...

BMO Vancouver Marathon 
(a Boston Marathon qualifying event)
Race day: May 6, 2012

Vancouver debuts a new course this year—it’s now a point-to-point race that will take more advantage of the scenic city sites including its unique neighborhoods, world-class parks and its expansive seawall. The trek, limited to 5,000 participants, begins in Queen Elizabeth Park and goes through seven neighborhoods, passing the beaches at Spanish Banks and entering Stanley Park before finishing in Vancouver’s downtown.

Finally, runners will get to run through the glorious Stanley Park! It’s never been closed to the public for an event–until now. And on top of that, runners will also enjoy the stunning cityscape with a backdrop of majestic mountains and immensely gorgeous ocean view.

Can't wait for my 5th Full Marathon on the 6th of May. Anybody wanna join me?  ;)

This year, for the first time in Vancouver Marathon history, the course
goes through much of its famed Stanley Park and along the seawall.

Details and registrations at www.bmoVanMarathon.ca. Limited slots left for both 42K and 21K distances BTW! 


Teh Tarik Drinker said...


would it be possible for you to drop me an email? :D

my email is at vedder111(add)gmail(dot)com

thanks! :D

Koen said...

Hi Selina!!
I am very prou of you...and jealous !! Running in Vancouver is fantastic...i remember my visit in 1999 running in the parc next to the sea crossing with a fellow running who greeted me openly!! Right there I decided to come back and live in Vancouver....didn´t make it back never but still feel like returning!! Enjoy and feel free to write me if you need a physio or trainer on your side!!
Big hug from Barcelona

Ms Road Runner said...

yay! at least i ran one of it (paris)! ;)

so jealous that you're going to run at vancouver! i'm sure you'll have so much fun senorita! :)