Wednesday, March 08, 2006

sour portuguese grape

Chelsea got booted out of the Champion's League by Barcelona this morning.

Even then, the former's manager, famous for his super-size arrogance, still insists that Chelsea is the better team. The Portuguese, who lifted the most rooted-for footballing trophy in Europe with Porto two years ago, insists that while Barça is a great team, they haven't managed to beat Chelsea when the latter had a full 11-man squad.
"For me the critical point was the result at Stamford Bridge. We were playing with 10 players for most of the first leg [when Barça defeated Chelsea 2-1]. I have not seen two games with 11v11 and we have not seen Barcelona win against us when we have had 11 players." -- Jose Mourinho (from
Aiyoyo, Mourinho. Nobody—be it fans or foes—can negate Chelsea's greatness. Nor can anyone deny that you're one of the best managers in the world.

But what would indeed bring you closer to godly (as you have so openly proclaim yourself to be) is a display of gracefulness in defeat.

Besides, one is immediately deemed uncool the moment one screams out that one is cool, innit.

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