Monday, April 10, 2006

roo who?

Another bitter rival welcomed at the holy grounds of Old Trafford, another bitter rival beaten at the holy grounds of Old Trafford.

Not to mention, another outstanding display from young Wayne Rooney, the scorer of one and the provider of another in our 2-0 win over Arsenal last night.

May Man United continue to play brilliantly... and may Chelsea do the complete opposite, amen.

I leave you now with these great words...
Suave Arsenal no match for grand masters United

Arsenal must be developing a tax exile's taste for foreign parts. They could never make themselves as comfortable at Old Trafford as they had in the Bernabéu or the Stadio delle Alpi. Manchester United fully deserved this win that gives them a run of nine Premiership victories in a row. The visitors, following the midweek Champions League match, did wane in the second half here but United had made absolutely sure that they would tire.

It could all have gone wrong for Arsenal even sooner than it did. The fixture did not bedevil the referee as it has done in its unruly past but Graham Poll should still have left the ground with his mind churning. By then he would have heard all about his 43rd-minute error, when he failed to see that the defender Kolo Touré had palmed Wayne Rooney's shot on to the post with a dive that would have done credit to a goalkeeper. At least we now know why the Ivorian wears gloves. --

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