Monday, May 22, 2006

12 days

Yup, s'been that long since I last blogged. Do I have withdrawal symptoms? Nope. But I do feel somewhat disappointed in meself for not having done better.

Of course, no one can blame me, since work’s been totally crazy. Pressure pressure pressure. Awards awards awards. Is this what I’m expected to want to live, breathe and die for? Pathetic at best.

Yes, been moaning and whining about my current profession for yonks now, this I realise. But hey, I can hardly be held culpable for lack of trying to look for another one. Times are friggin hard, it’s next to impossible to get an interview for a decent job. Sure, I could sell meself short and just go for whatever that’s on the buffet line. But hey, quality does matter for future fulfilment.

Anyways, after a cruel month-long abstinence from futsal, I finally got some breathing space to go for training with my team mates. Man, that felt good. Kicking balls once more with my lovely Catz… sheer bliss.

Speaking of balls, it’s a mere 18 days to the world’s most anticipated Cup. SO EXCITE! All those sleepless nights and zombie-like days that await me—wouldn’t change it for the world! Well, perhaps for diamonds la, ha ;Þ

Which brings me to my latest fixation: ice. Yes, I’m ashamed to admit that I have succumbed to this epidemic that most ladies the world over are suffering from. But don’t worry, I’m still grounded. Am not expecting to be covered from head-to-toe with them (donch worry, bebé!). It’s just that I’ve been sorta forced to study the 4C’s and how to judge a good diamond, and gotta tell you, it’s bloody addictive! And not to mention, ridiculously expensive! How anyone can walk around with a rock that’s any greater than 0.7 carat with peace of mind in this crazy city is beyond me, really.

And you know what else is difficult for me to comprehend? The grand distance between meself and my dearest sister and her baby boy. Painful as it was, I had to say goodbye to two of the most precious people in my life as they seek for a new life on the other side of the globe where my brother-in-law is from. No more hanging out with the calming (though overly skinny! ;Þ) figure of hers, nor hearing the excited cries of “bapoo!” (that’s Razyn-talk for “lampu”). Oh how I miss you two so :(

Anywho. Loads more updates are due, yes, but it’s rare that I get to leave this godforsaken office when the sun is still up, no... so ta!

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