Monday, May 08, 2006

so it's over

United’s secured at second, with just one measly but grand point above the other red force, Liverpool. Meaning, we’ve just scraped past having to play the qualifier’s at Europe next season. Unless, of course, Arsenal win in Paris...

That’s another thing. Arsenal, though making history for themselves continentally, have had a nightmarish season at home. They only have the Almighty, as well as the mighty Thierry Henry, to thank for snatching fourth place from under the noses of an ill-fated Spurs side.

Though I ain’t no fan of the latter’s (nor the former’s, for that matter, HaH!), my heart goes out to Martin Jol’s boys who’ve been working hard at making the Gunners work even harder at earning a spot in next season’s Champions League… and were that close at ousting their North London rivals. Ouch.

And if it is to be that Rijkaard’s squad would end up lifting the cup on 15 May (fingers crossed), we know that the men in white would only be kicking themselves for the defeat to West Ham.

Well, whoever reigns as Kings of Europe, I suspect it will not make a difference to one French “king” in particular. Am sure many devout Gunners would shoot me down for saying this, but I’m gonna anyways: Thierry Henry will be bidding au revoir to Arsenal and saying ¡hola! to Barça. Drooool.

Come on, do you really think the striker’s gonna miss up on the golden opportunity to play alongside Ronaldinho and Eto’o? Hello!

Speaking of which, looks like it's a definite bye-bye for a certain Dutch forward for his Ruud walkaway. Tsk tsk.

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