Thursday, April 12, 2012

some dude called Russell Peters

After much drama, my good friends at The Comedy Club KL have finally gotten the go-ahead for Russell Peters to perform in front of a live Malaysan audience.

The man himself tweeted last night,
"Malaysia!!! May 12 it's ON!!! I WILL BE COMING!!!!!”

While the event organizers are still tight-lipped about any other details, a not-so-little birdie told me that tickets will go on sale sometime next week. I'd keep my eyes and ears open if I were you, since the Singapore edition on May 5th was sold out in just 48 hours!

Russell Peters at Carolines on Broadway NYC (Nov'11).
Tickets to all his shows at the NY Comedy Festival had been sold out
for 2 months, but as fate had it a group of South Americans had a
last-minute cancellation and invited me to join their party. Sweet!

Anyways, I unfortunately will not be catching any of his shows next month since I will be vacationing in Canada. I was, however, lucky enough to witness RP in live action at the NY Comedy Festival in November. He was mind-blastingly funny to say the least! Definitely one of the best stand-up comedians I've ever seen (and trust you me, I've seen a LOT of comics by being involved with The Comedy Club Singapore since January 2009).

Watch this space for more info.

Not a bad way to spend the eve of my dream 11/11/11 birthday, huh?  :)


Teh Tarik Drinker said...

I try not to look at the "said picture" in fear of me flipping my office desk of jealous rage hahaha!

I'm so gunning to score the 188 tix for the show... any chance to help? :D

*CaTWoMaN* said...
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