Monday, June 05, 2006

back in the saddle again

Last Saturday, my all-ladies futsal team were in full tourney action after being inactive for a few months. And by inactive, I don’t just mean zero participations in tournaments. I mean, not even trainings. And, worst of all, for some of us no futsal whatsoever for over a month!

Anyways, gotta say that I had a really great time as we went into it with little expectations of winning (read: no pressure), but ended up earning the fourth spot… so, yay!

The bigger shock was us walking away with medals, big tins of MILO each as well as 500 buckeroos! Not bad for an invitational tourney with zilch registration fees, huh.

(This, just when our funds are running thin… alhamdulillah.)

Anywho, I’d like to say a big, fat muchas gracias to our lovely guest players: Chris (Jujubabez), Wann (Crony FC) & Zue (Just Daisies). It was a dream come true for me to kick balls with you girls, particularly Zue as I’ve always wanted to play alongside your talent.

Speaking of being elated, I was also pleasantly surprised that my team mate with the most powderful shot--but somehow tourney-shy, tsk tsk--finally come out of her shell. Cam ya INDAH GILAK bah main, baby dayak… Iboh lupa: “Agik idup agik ngelaban,” hehe :)


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