Thursday, June 15, 2006

day 6

Spain made me a very happy camper when they blasted four goals to the back of Ukraine’s net last night. Only thing, though, this win was marred by am imbecilic move by the ref, who flashed a red to a truly undeserving Vladislav Vashchuk. Undeserving, I say, because the mild shirt-tugging happened outside the box. Plus, Fernando Torres didn’t even fall down. At most, it was a yellow card, for serious. Bad referee, bad bad bad.

Deeper into the night, I was delighted to be proven wrong. Silly me thought that the Saudi Arabia-Tunisia face-off would just cause yawns. How wrong was I! Both sides showed great skills, grit, and perseverance. Enough to make a 1-0-at-halftime match turn into a pumping 2-all draw at FT. Purely exhilarating stuff!

Anyways, round 2 of the group stage kicked off last night, with Germany pulling a late winner against bitter rivals Poland, who failed to get any goals in. And tonight, England will meet Trinidad & Tobago. Over in Germany, the kick-off will be while the sun is still up, and thus I bid Eriksson’s boys the best of luck as they’re going against a Caribbean side that’s unfazed by extreme heat.

By the way, it seems we might be able to catch Wonderful Wayne in ball-kicking action tonight. Sven has declared the young striker as “match fit” for tonight, defying the his team’s fitness coach’s opinion that it will be another week before Rooney is fully fit.

While I can’t wait to see Man U’s golden boy terrorise on the pitch, I reckon his national team coach is being ultimately careless and selfish about this. I mean, it will take only a slight trip for Rooney to get himself back in a rut (god forbid).

But worse, what if he kena kaw-kaw? It could mean he might never be able to kick a ball again.
And that, ladies and gents, would be a downright dirty shame indeed.

If that were to happen, the people of the world had better find shelter, because few is greater than The Wrath of The Sir…

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