Wednesday, April 25, 2007

let’s talk about love, baby

This post is in response to something from a fellow blogger (and ex-colleague). A piece which questions what the notion of "love" means. I quote sikapitan:

" I correct in saying that love is something like a car? To keep you moving and heading towards your destination, you need the various parts of the car to perform its function. Sometimes you lose parts like side view mirror, or the wiper, or the seat cushions are all torn up, but the car still moves along, right? But what if you were to lose a tire, or if the engine is broke... should you still stay in the car or find another one?"
To that, all I can say is if it causes you major pain and agony, then there's little room for love.

To me, love is more like playing tennis doubles...

You gotta seek for and try out different partners because staying with your first pairing just might never produce winning results.

But don't dump before you've tried hard. Remember and realize that loadsa trial and error are needed in order to achieve immaculate understanding.

And it definitely requires good teamwork for you to score big, innit ;p


couea said...

ngeh3x.. i was jus lukin around & got nothin to do. well, apparenly love is sumthin subjectiv that we cudnt describe it by what love itself had brought upon us.. people came up with love problemss & each of them difers to one another so thers no way we cud hav particularly described wat luv actually is.. haha wtf?.. i dont think there is a meaning for love as a whole. but rather how it means to a person at one specific moment.. its like how u describe wat life is.. haha.. again, wtf!? anyway, wats up with this jiwang stuff? coz i believe i read at least a word of this ..HBS? btw. sorry..

*CaTWoMaN* said...

heya couea
thanks for dropping by to my page! interesting thoughts you have there. i definitely agree that love to each and every person is very subjective. but, uh, i didn't understand your last few lines:
"anyway, wats up with this jiwang stuff? coz i believe i read at least a word of this ..HBS? btw. sorry.."

would you care to explain further? thanks!

couea said...

hmm. i wonder why im here again? anyway.. that was nothing.. nge nge ngek!! nice wedding pic u got there.. i mean, extra nice..