Thursday, April 05, 2007

what’s with the ultra violence?

Made sure I went to bed by 10+ last nite so as to not miss Man U’s Champions League quarter-final match.

Yes it is at 2+ in the AM, and yes I am a working chica, and yes since I got married I am awakened daily at 6+ by The Hub’s alarm clock, but hey, miss this glorious and rare chance of witnessing a grand clash between my Red Devils and Totti’s Roma side? Now that's a crazy thought!

And so up I was at the wee hours of the night, very groggy… and very heartburnt.

Plopped myself flat on my front with a cushion under my upper-belly (trust you me, the next time you suffer from heartburn or excessive gas, this is the way to go people! A pillow would do just as good) and watched in double agony as old boy Paul committed totally idiotic, totally unnecessary tackles. And my boys in white were forced to see Red.

While the pain in my tummy was subsiding, the torture on my tired eyes increased soon after with a weak deflected goal from Taddei. 0-1 down and we’re left with ten men?

I was thisss close to succumbing to the pain and switching the telly off.

But my tum-tum was still only half-better, so on I went with my “pillow therapy” (uhm, perhaps I should warn you that if you plan to relieve your ailing tummy this way, best do it in the bliss of solitude. Please, have mercy on other souls) wishful about both my own struggle and that of my Red Devils.

Wahey! Keeping the faith paid off when Rooney decided to end his CL goal drought in sheer composure and Man U leveled, thanks to the undisputable skills and speed of Ronaldo (please pleaseee don’t leave us next season..!)

Unfortunately, this joy was shortlived when Roma sneaked in another just six minutes later. Friggin Italians, urgh.

But hey, a 1-2 result away is not too bad I reckon, better than a 0-1 loss ‘cause that would mean we don’t have a precious away goal, which might make all the difference later.

And so my heartburn only converted into just a teeny weeny heartbreak for my team’s first loss since December.

Now, where’s the violence, you ask? During half-time there was a major fracas going on in the stands. I watched in complete horror as ugly scenes of Italian police wildly batoning the hell of some spectators were played. The post-show later revealed that it was just the Man United fans that were being “disciplined”—nada of them even lifted a finger to the Roma fans, even with the latter launching missiles over to the fans of The Sir’s side.

Today’s reports state that ten United fans are in hospital due to stab wounds (one on the neck!) and as many as 18 others are suffering injuries received during the nasty brawl which continued at the stadium.

Reminds me of the controversial AC Milan-Inter CL clash two seasons or so ago when goalie Dida got hit in the head with a firecracker, and the game had to be aborted because the fans got overly out of hand.

Sigh, seems this kind of embarrassing display (am talking Europe here) only happens in Italy, innit? Next time anyone goes there, I reckon the “Ultras” (as Italy’s footie hooligans are known) should be contained in a bullet-proof cage with huge signs that say “CAUTION: ULTRA VIOLENT ITALIANS!”

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