Wednesday, April 11, 2007

scintillating seven

After a week of heartbreak (what with the 2-1 losses at Italy and Pompey respectively), my boys in Red proved to the world that they’re still champion material by cruising through to the final four of the Champions League last nite.

Though I set my alarm at 3am, gotta admit that the 2+ hours only of slumber prevented my eyes from staying open. But I finally crawled out of bed at half-time, and boy, is there a better way of losing sleepiness: The scoreline was FOUR-zero and the game was already half over.

How not to wake up?

And then the goals just kept on coming: Ronaldo’s second, Evra’s first-ever and Carrick’s first- and second-ever. But it’s not really the goals that made it blissful. It’s the quality of play—penetrative, adventurous, menacing.

I really like.

But in my joy and all its glory, I couldn’t help but feel helpless for such a high-caliber team that is Roma. To get your behind majorly whopped in such a manner in the quarters of the CL is way to cruel, if you ask me.

And some of the goals, gorgeous as they were, should have been easily saved by their goalie. It’s as if on this one somber night for Romans, Doni forgot one of the crucial basics of keeping—ALWAYS GUARD YOUR NEAR POST.

Whatever. I’m just happy that we’re still in the race. And even happier that my Red Devils managed to prove utterly and terribly wrong the notion that Italian defense is indestructible.

But curse Essien for stealing Chelsea’s victory in the 90th minute (another near-post blunder, sheesh). Now no Spanish team is left, urgh.

Oh, wait. Liverpool’s the favourite to advance tonight, innit?

Sikit latinos pun jadi lah ;)

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