Thursday, April 12, 2007

random thoughts

Heard this please-save-water community message on Mix FM this morning. One of the lines goes like this:
"Use a bucket not a hose to wash your cup"

Is it just me, or do you find this thought extremely disgusting?


I am SO into the Beyonce and Shakira duet, "Beautiful Liar." Haven't seen the video yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be even hotter than just listening to the song.

Can you imagine how much ass-shaking will be involved? Crazy stuff.

"Beyonceee, Beyoncee... Shakiraaa, Shakiraaa"

Still finding it hard to believe that three out of the four semi-finalists for this season's Champions League are made up of English sides.

No disrespect to Liverpool, but the possibility of all the finals that concern my Red Devils will be a showdown between the EPL current leaders and the defending champ is truly exhilirating... but friggin annoying at the same time.

I bloody abhor Chelsea, urgh!


Shaike said...

ello..where u in pd last weekend?

*CaTWoMaN* said...

erm, yeah! didja see me? napa tak tegur....... ;p

*CaTWoMaN* said...

hehe and i ASSURED him that seeing that we're in PD and all, no one we know will see him walking about with my handbag, ahaks! ;p yeah he went back to read, i headed too the pool for a dip... gi honeymoon ke? mine was a family affair ;)

Shaike said...

We were there with my in laws, honeymoon dah pegi dah sometime back in Tanjung Jara...