Wednesday, April 18, 2007

with soap, please!

Was listening to Fly FM this morning (what can I say; am a Fly Gal, huhu) and something really caught my attention. See, they have a daily segment called “Fix It” where people would write in with a particular prob and PhatMan & RoBen (read: alter-egos of Phat Fabes and Ben) would try their very best to solve it.

Now, today’s predicament involved a dude who supposedly doesn’t wash his hands after doing his “bizniz” (read: tha shiznit, ya dig?). The sender of the email, a colleague of this dude's, also mentioned that he’s witnessed Mr Shiznit going about his routine straight after—hands filthy and all—doing things like eating nasi daun pisang (eew!) and even shaking people’s hands (double eew!).

Mr Shiznit got all defensive and shiznit and eventually told the sender to mind his bizniz as “it’s my own mouth that I hand-feed and thus it’s got nothing to do with you!”

I mean, what the hell kinda lame-ass excuse is that? I really don’t get it when people just don’t clean their hands after visiting the loo. Don’t they know how much bacteria and God-knows-what-other-filthy-beings lurk in such a place? Urgh, even the utter thought of it is giving me chills and goose bumps all over my body—dis-gus-ting la brader!

The thing is, you’re bound to touch something that doesn’t belong to you/is shared with all, i.e. the door, the phone, the computer, the lift buttons, other people’s hands, your girlfriend’s face…
So, please. Be considerate of others and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

Other scenario which should end with a good hand-cleansing action:
- After mopping/sweeping
- After touching/taking out the garbage bag
- After touching your pet
- After digging your nose/ears/whichever parts which I refuse to mention here
- After cleaning your nails
- After flossing/picking your teeth
- After sneezing/coughing
- After blowing your nose and wetting your fingers…

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