Monday, February 13, 2006


Since Valentine's Day is just upon us, thought I'd give a tip to the boys on how to keep their women smiling.

Okay, okay, so it's not really wisdom from me per se, but they are simple words that I reckon you lot from the darker gender could better yourselves with! ;├×

Thinkin' back in time
Someone said that love was blind
But they were wrong
You just choose to not see
When it's right before your eyes

You'd rather compromise
Than give your all
And it don't turn out
The way it's supposed to be

Time and time again you disappoint
When she believes
Do all you can
To give her what she needs

Cherish her love
Show her she's right where she belongs
Take care of her heart
Before she's gone
Cherish her love

It might be hard to conceive
You gotta see the forest
Despite the trees
Before it all burns down
Not tellin' you nothing you don't know

You see, she'll let you have your fun
But when a woman's done, she's done
And then she'll go
Just when you're needin' her the most

So if you care about the weather
Keep her safe and warm
Let nothing in between stand in your way
They say it's calm inside the eye of the storm
Together come whatever
Come what may

Just cherish her love

-- Brian McKnight

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