Thursday, February 09, 2006

los galácticos tristes

Real Madrid 1-6 Real Zaragoza

WTF? That's SIX-ONE, people!

A team full of galácticos—Spanish for "superstars"—like Ronaldo (the Brazillian, not the Portuguese), Roberto Carlos (now with hair!), Raúl, Becks, Robinho, Cicinho, Casillas, as well as the most expensive footballer in the world, Zinedine Zidane... And they got ass-whopped by REAL ZARAGOZA?

But then again, Real Zaragoza did end La Liga leaders Barça's 18-match unbeaten run in stunning fashion recently, simultaneously booting the latter out of the Copa del Rey on a 5-4 aggregate.

But still. A side bursting with so many (too many?) world-class footballing greats should have done so much better. This kind of scoreline is unheard of, man, come on!

Los galácticos, my behind. Judging from their sorry showings this past couple of seasons, they sure sound more like fallen stars to me.

Open your eyes, o' bigwigs of Real Madrid. When will you realise that over-stuffing your team with too many stars only spells disaster!

Why? Because not only are the players too individualistic, but worse is that they'll be too busy trying to outshine each other.

I'm not saying that superstars are bad news. But having two or three per team is more than sufficient. That way, these few can inspire and lead the rest of their not-so-stars teammates to their team's—instead of their own—glory.

Take the practically-impossible-to-beat Chealsea, for example. As my footie buddy Adrian put it:

"They only have a couple of stars, while the rest are workhorses."


Shaike said...

I'd agree with your friend. Even Barca have Ronaldinho, Eto and now Messi, the rest are workhorses. We need some of that in United.

*CaTWoMaN* said...

Sigh. I reckon so, too.

Sokay, every team's gotta go through a rough patch.

We just gotta keep the faith, innit!