Thursday, February 23, 2006

stupid b & l

Bleedin Bausch & Lomb, always causing me inconvenience and agony. Argh!

Health warning on lens solution

SINGAPORE: The Health Ministry has strongly advised contact lens users to discontinue the use of Bausch & Lomg (S) Pte Ltd (B & L) ReNu multipurpose contact lens sokution following recent cases of contact lens-related fungal corneal infections.

The Ministry said that the advice was a precautionary measure until the causes behind the recent increase of infections could be more clearly ascertained.

"B & L will advise consumers on what to do with existing stocks of their products," it said in a statement. -- Bernama

I also picked this up while surfing:

Contact lens users are reminded to practise proper contact lens cleaning and care regimens, to not use disposable contact lenses beyond their ecommended disposal period and to replace contact lens storage cases at least every three months.

Multi-purpose solution in the lens storage case must be changed every day, even if the lenses are not used daily.

Users should stop wearing the lenses if they develop any redness, blurring of vision or pain of the eye and visit a doctor or contact lens practitioner. -- CNA /ct

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