Wednesday, February 22, 2006

oh what a week

1st boo-effin-hoo factor:
ManU got ousted from the FA Cup

2nd boo-effin-hoo factor:
Nicol lost the KL Open '06 title

3rd boo-effin-hoo factor:
I fell ill on Sat nite. Again.

Sore throat, it seems. AGAIN.

Geez, man. Been getting these nasty throat attacks once a month since November. Bad bad bad.

Sunday through Tuesday saw me being knocked off my feet. And couldn't swallow a thing cuz it hurt too much. What made it worst, most of Monday and yesterday I couldn't keep anything down. That surely did more damage to my already SO-THE-PAIN swallowing passage.

Major hunger. Major ouch.

Went to the ENT specialist again, and he gave me yet another reason to frown.

4th boo-effin-hoo factor:
Gotta take my tonsils out before the end of next month.



Shaike said...

you get to eat lotsa ice-cream when u take ur tonsils out.

UrbanProphet said...

I tried telling her that n she didn't believe me... ;-p

But yeah, don't take it so hard, it just means that you won't be getting such bad sore throats anymore...

cat, circus and oddity said...