Tuesday, February 14, 2006

malaysia today

Read the most hideous thing in the papers.

NST reported that there's this woman who staged her own kidnapping to test how much her boyfriend truly loved her.

This case eventually got to the Serious Crimes Division of the Negeri Sembilan police contingent, and totally wasted the time and efforts of policemen who went hunting for the "kidnapped" Seremban lass.

Like wha'?!

My take...

Symptoms point to:
LOA (Lack of Attention) Syndrome, Brain Damage, and Calamitous Stupidity


Procedure of recovery:
A really, really strong bang on the head, no less than three times a day


In other news, it's major snaps for our very own immensely talented cartoonist, Lat.

His legendary "Kampung Boy" can now be enjoyed on the sunny beaches of Brazil, in Portuguese.

This bestseller, which was first seen way back in 1979, has also been published in Japan (in 1984) as well as France (2003), and will be made available in the United States come September.

The brilliant "Kampung Boy" has also been relished in animation on the worldwide cartoon network.

Commented Lat:

"'Kampung Boy' is almost an autobiography and is popular as it portrays the true Malaysian identity.

There are also plans to publish the book in Holland and Germany."

Syabas, Datuk!

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cat, circus and oddity said...

hmmm.... "malaysian identity" bit not so good if ppl read it now and not realize that it's meant to depict the late 70s...kekekekekek