Tuesday, February 07, 2006

living next door to hell

Two of my sisters, as well as my brother, live a walking distance away from my parental units' unit. I'd have to say that it's a pretty decent apartment complex which includes some low-rise townhouses as well as a block of high-rises.

Things were pretty dandy over there until a neighbour from hell moved in next door. Mind you, he has two condos. One used as a family home, and the other, for some sort of commercial use. For the latter, most of the other neighbours aren't too jolly about. Not only did this mean that he stacked up boxes of products in the parking lot, but his second unit also houses his workers—most of whom are suspicious-looking working-class Indos. Not to mention that these all do not agree with the law, hey.

Anyways, earlier today, my bro and the said man had a minor disagreement. You see, the man's family unit has been worked on and on and on that it hardly looks like the original apartment. This, my friends, is also against the law... or so suspects my sister.

Curious, darling bro decides to consult in building management. The man apparently overheard, decides to arm himself with a parang before demanding that my bro minded his own biz.

All these, while being watched by the man's primary-school-goer kids.

And this, ladies and gents, isn't the first time he's flailed the said weapon around. Apparently, the poor guards and even the management guys have fallen victim to the man with the parang before. Apparently, the man felt the parang was called for when (i) he felt that the guards ill-treated members of his extended fam when they asked the visitors to leave their ID cards, and (ii) when management came by to ask for service fees.


Makes me wonder what the hell is up with our society nowadays?


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UrbanProphet said...
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UrbanProphet said...

Well firstly it is illegal for him to sublet his second apartment off to his workers or use it for commercial purposes. You can call in DBKL to have a go at him.

Secondly, it is illegal to brandish a weapon in a threatening way, hell it's illegal to even walk around with a parang. You can make a police report on it or even write to the papers.

Now I'm not gonna pretend to be a lawyer but i've read enough editions of Malay Mail to know so much.

Whatever it is, I would advise caution. If the guys willing to brandish a parang over nothing, he might be willing to use it over something.

It's truly unfortunate that your bro has to live next to such an unsavoury character.

Shaike: You're a lawyer, what say u?